97% konsensus

Sist redigert 2020.03.16

Et gjentagende element i debatten er at 97% av forskerne er enige i at menneskeskapte utslipp er årsaken til global oppvarming.

Slik ble et av historiens største matematiske svindelresultat konstruert;

Populartechnology.net has posted e-mails from John Cook’s Skeptical Science website concerning what Cook calls «The Consensus Project» or TCP. The e-mails, from early 2012, reveal the huge promotional campaign Cook was rolling out to publicize the consensus study – before he had even done the study. It is also evident from the e-mails that Cook knew he was cooking the data to reach a preconceived conclusion. In his «Introduction to TCP» e-mail of January 19, 2012, Cook explains to team members:

It’s essential that the public understands that there’s a scientific consensus on AGW [anthropogenic (man-made) global warming]. So Jim Powell, Dana and I have been working on something over the last few months that we hope will have a game changing impact on the public perception of consensus. Basically, we hope to establish that not only is there a consensus, there is a strengthening consensus. Deniers like to portray the myth that the consensus is crumbling, that the tide is turning.

Hele konsensus begrepet er et konstruert falsum og her er utregningen:

97% «konsensus»